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United Solar & Air Offers Half-Cell Single Glass Modules With Many Benefits Such As:

Highly Durable
Great Wind Resistance
Very Low Annual Degradation Only -0.55%
Extreme Temperature Performance

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Our Panels Have A Wide Array Of Applications
Solar Panel Production Line with Orange Robot Arms at Modern Bright Factory. Solar Panels are being Assembled on Conveyor.

Follow Us Into The Bright Future Of Solar Capture

Solar energy is the future and United Solar & Air Wholesale is building the foundation for that future. We offer highly efficient and durable RUNERGY Solar Half-Cell panels. Our panels are highly efficient and continue to stay efficient even during inclement weather, making them the best choice for when standard power solutions normally fail.

When Looking For Power, Go For Durable and Reliable. Choose United Solar & Air.

Our Solar Panel Key Features:

Close up of Solar panel back end

Durable and Crack Resistant

RUNERGY solar panels have lower degradation and more damage resistance compared to other less advanced panels.

Peak Linear Performance

Our Panels are guaranteed to provide a consistent and reliable power outful long after the competition.

Energy Efficiency

Using state-of-the-art weak light efficiency technology, our panels can maintain efficiency during low light conditions such as cloudy days, mornings, and sunsets.

Customized Mounting Solutions

Multiple mounting options allow for hassle free installation or mounting where the sun shines best.

Endless Applications

Whether your end usage is for commercial rooftops, solar plants or personal off grid living, our panels are the solution.

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At United Solar & Air, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience with our products and services.

Audrey Cypher
Audrey Cypher
Well if you didn't hear they have great customer service...they REALLY do!!! We've been working with Andres and he is amazing. His follow through is above an beyond expectations.I've never had to chase him down for anything. It's so refreshing working with a company that takes their customer service so seriously.
cruz Ruiz
cruz Ruiz
Great customer service and quality products at a great price. I've been installing for almost 10 years, the feedback I've gotten from customers has been nothing but positive , 100 recommended great costumer service and good warranty’s on units.
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera
First of all, great customer service. As for the equipment, i am extremely satisfied with the Aurus inverter system. It is easy to install, very energy efficient and reliable. As a HVAC technician in Arizona for the past 10 years these mini splits are just as good if not better than most competing brands (Daikin, Fujitsu) for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend Aurus as first option when installing a mini split or replacing a mini split.
Luis Garay
Luis Garay
Good customer service , great prices, AURUS mini splits great product UL / AHRI licensed for USA
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